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CLIMB SAFE is a company with immense experience and expertise in the field of Fall Protection. Headed by a competent team of manufacturing professionals having hands on experience, Climb Safe works towards providing safety for personnel in a wide range of environments in which height safety is a prominent factor. Climb Safe aims to be amongst the leading manufacturers of Personnel Protective Equipment and to reach out to wherever any worker is at risk.

Climb Safe has an excellent range of Full Body Harnesses conforming to EN Norms, which are made to meet the exact requirement of the end user and at the same time to provide maximum comfort. These are upgraded from time to time. The Harnesses are all CE Certified and have an attractive Blue/Blue Black appearance.

Climb Safe is very quality conscious and 100% checks are carried out on all products from raw material to finished product. Competent personnel are on the job 24x7.


Is to become the most trusted Brand for Personnel Protective Equipment.


Is to provide complete and total safety solutions and to raise the level of safety for those millions risking their lives daily while working at height to make a better world for us - to make them safe and to offer new innovative height safety products on a regular basis. Why you should take a look at us:

1. Better products lower cost: With continuous up-gradation our products will always match the best in the industry.

2. Certification: Our products are CE Certified. And Certificates of Conformity are issued with every lot. We take full responsibility for our products and

3. Design:Designed to provide complete safety and maximum comfort to the end user while working at height. Harnesses can also be customised to meet end user's requirement.

4. Quality: This is a life saving product and no chances are to be taken whatsoever. We give utmost importance to the quality of the product and have a well qualified and experienced team of QC professionals. All products are 100% inspected and every minute detail is taken care of.

5. Look: Made up of excellent colors (Blue/Blue Black) the Harnesses are very attractive. Each Harness is packed in an individual non-tearable Climb Safe cloth bag for re-storage after use.

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